The Best Beauty Products I’ve Ever Reviewed

The Best Beauty Products I’ve Ever Reviewed

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Over the past five years, I’ve reviewed more beauty products than you’ve had hot dinners. Whilst I wholeheartedly endorse you buying any of  the products I’ve given a favourable nod to, there are some that stand out as must-have-can’t-live-without-beauty-hall-of-fame prods. The products I buy again and again.  So, here’s my list of the best beauty products I’ve ever reviewed. Note, these products may not be suitable to your skin and hair type. I have combination skin which can get very dry or over hydrated with the wrong products; I have very dry hair after a misspent youth with one too many packets of supermarket hair dye; and fair skin with cool/pink undertones. [ Cleanser ] Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution is the only milky cleanser I have come across that leaves my skin feeling clean, yet hydrated. Many milky or cream cleansers don’t strip my skin, yet they don’t leave it

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Most Coveted :: The Beauty Musts and Lusts

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Guest Contributor :: Melissa Koutoukidis [ JURLIQUE CALENDULA REDNESS RESCUE RANGE ] As someone who suffers from sensitive skin, redness on the cheeks is probably the symptom that gives me the most strife. As a result of irritated cheeks, I usually also get quite congested in that area and end up looking dull and lack lustre. The beauty of this range is not only how it targets redness, but within a week of use I could see noticeably less redness and my naturally blemish-free skin fighting to burst through. Right off the bat, the Restorative Treatment Serum is my favourite of the bunch because it instantly smooths the texture of my skin. [ DERMALOGICA SKINPERFECT PRIMER SPF 30 ] I have a confession to make: I don’t regularly use primer. I know, I know, it’s a crime not to prime, and it increases the longevity of your makeup BUT sometimes

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Build a Fragrance Wardrobe :: Scents for All Outfits & Seasons

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Guest Contributor :: Melissa Koutoukidis Every lady needs a go-to fragrance for the evenings when the Moet is popped open and the red lipstick comes out to play. For a sophisticated scent that will announce your arrival in the best possible way, seek light floral notes with a more seductive base of vanilla or musk. Elizabeth Arden | Untold EDP Yves Saint Laurent | Manifesto EDP Whether it’s brunch with your gal pals or running off to Westfield in the middle of the day, you want a casual fragrance that captures your femininity but isn’t too overpowering. Light yet feminine floral scents of peony and freesia usually fit the bill but if you like a stronger sillage, an earthier scent with the warm undertones of vanilla or patchouli may also suit. Giorgio Armani | Si EDP Chloe | Chloe Signature EDP There is nothing more off-putting than sharing a cubicle with

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Sydney Eating Guide :: Franco Franco & The Victoria Room Review

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Guest Contributor :: Abbie Rea “FRANCESCO!” Lorenzo, Franco Franco’s Manager, shouts across the room into the open kitchen to the head chef, beckoning him over. Francesco, slightly less extrovert than the larger than life Lorenzo but equally as passionate, proceeds to drop his cooking and sit with us to chat. Plenty of wonderful stories ensue, and their absolute love of Italy, its food, and the beautiful ethos of Franco Franco is clear. Francesco began his chef career aged 14 at the Cavalcanti School of Hospitality and has since worked in renowned restaurants all over the world. The pair pride themselves on providing their guests (“Not customers, guests!”) with a truly authentic Italian experience – simple, beautiful food and wine shared around a big table. They look around at the gorgeous, warm room – the low, dim lamp shades and old black and white photos dangling on walls, cooking pots hanging

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Sydney Eating Guide :: Bondi Hardware Review

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Bondi Hardware is the ultimate in cool beachside brunching. It is, as the name gives away, just up the road from Australia’s most famous coastline; close enough to feel beachy but removed from the hoards milling the pavement in summer. A bar by weeknight, the venue opens at 10am on weekends and offers a small but fantastic brunch menu (complete with a better drinks list than any brunch you’ve had before – it is still a bar, after all).

sincere forms of flattery oands publishing sandi sieger olivia hambrett

Interview with Online Book Publishers O&S Publishing

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Kylie Triggell interviews online book publishers Sandi Sieger and Liv Hambrett, the women behind O&S publishing, about their first ebook ‘Sincere Forms of Flattery’; their passion for giving a voice to under-heard, under-valued and under-used writers; and the journey to getting an ebook published.

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Fab Resources for People Living with Coeliacs Disease & a Gluten Free Diet

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As someone who used to suffer with gluten intolerance, I know how hard it is to be living a gluten free diet- anyone for trying to find ways to make brown rice taste interesting for the gazillionth day in a row? But gluten free products have come a long way since I was sans gluten (think bread that bounced when you dropped it and tasted like saw dust). Here’s a round up of some of my favourite gluten free products and resources, that I believe are making life not only easier, but also fabulous for people with gluten intolerances. [ Thank Heavens, The Gluten Free Lifesaver Blog ] I have met Kristine, the beautiful woman behind the Thank Heavens blog, and I adore the passion and effervescent energy she has for creating fabulous gluten free recipes and supporting others. “Coeliacs disease should come with a user guide. The diagnosis came delivered

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tweezerman tweezer review


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Suzana Milan, Aging Gracefully beauty reviewer has recently tried a set of Tweezermans to see if they are worth the extra investment, and as a devotee to not only aging gracefully, but also as holistically as possible, she undertakes an Avenno products review- Jennifer Aniston thinks they’re the business, but does Suzana? [ Aveeno Active Naturals ] Oats, some of you love them for breakfast, me, not so much. When I have oats I like them smothered all over my body. That’s right, all over my body, daily, and I use a body wash and moisturiser containing the natural properties of colloidal oatmeal, Aveeno Active Naturals. This product piqued my interest from the moment I read the words colloidal oatmeal. Knowing a little about the historical use of oats in the treatment of skin ailments and finding out that to produce colloidal oatmeal, the entire oat kernel is ground to

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One of the things Melbourne is known for would have to be the dozens of laneways that scatter throughout the CBD. There’s a sense of satisfaction when you find a great café hidden down one of these lanes, away from the main streets as it feels like you’re in on a little secret. I have been living in Melbourne for just over a year and I still haven’t scratched the surface of the hidden bars, restaurants and quirky cafes that this vibrant city has to offer. It was a difficult task to pick the best Melbourne laneway cafes but I have managed to pull together a few of my favourites. These are cafes that all offer something unique, while providing great food and coffee, excellent service and amazing atmospheres. [ Journal Café ] 253 Flinders Lane Flinders Lane is a fitting location for Journal café as it uses it’s proximately

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Not so affectionately referred to as “keyboard warriors”, I see on a daily basis what Charlotte experienced online. Hate inciting, ill-informed, cowardly provocateurs who make it their business to place offensive rubbish in a public arena, with the hope of getting a reaction. I have seen it all, and until you’ve played in the really rough parts of ‘town social’ it would be hard to reconcile the fact, that a few words could seriously have an impact on someone’s health.