The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide Magazine is your go-to guide for living a fabulous life. It inspires you to romance the everyday, play by your own rules, and never underestimate the power of a good hair day.

We know what you’re really going through, as though we’ve just peeked into your diaries. We take a nile file and tweezers to modern life and we’re not afraid to tackle the trickier subjects, such as depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and staring down an empty bottle of sauvignon blanc in search of serenity and solace one too many times.

We want you to be free, love life and embrace adventure. We liberate you of others’ expectations so you can stand on your own ground and live life on your own terms. We want you to find your dream job and lifestyle, and we’re here to support you on your journey. We also love to inspire you to celebrate the present moment with beautiful and simple rituals that inject more joy and beauty into daily life.

We empower you to treat yourself like royalty and accept nothing less than the best. We nurture your self esteem and confidence, and uplift you when you’re feeling as a flat as a day old pancake and wondering where the fuck the maple syrup is.

We don’t follow trends, rather we encourage you to stamp the classics with your own individual style. We inspire you with the glamour of and timeless style of the leading ladies of yesteryear, and also show you how to create effortlessly elegant looks for your everyday. Because isn’t the quality of your life dictated by the quality of your hair?

Besides blindly following the latest fashion trends, there’s a few other things you won’t find in MWSG magazine. Celebrity gossip, dishonest reviews about beauty products or services just to appease advertisers {we’re a tough crowd – if we don’t like it, then it doesn’t get featured in our magazine no matter how much someone wants to pay us to promote it}, pages plastered with excessive advertising and pop up ads, advertising products or services that we don’t love or don’t think you’d love, or diets which are as a futile as an aging supermodel trying to say no to Botox.

We’re a place for you to connect with not only the refreshing authenticity and candour of our writers, but with other readers of the magazine. From a place to vent when your hormones are holding you hostage, becoming one of our monthly reader beauty reviewers and joining our book club and receiving books to read, or commenting and having a conversation with other readers on articles, we’re a sisterhood. A sisterhood you can turn to when you want to be uplifted, inspired, entertained or just plain feel understood.


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