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MWSG is an Australian lifestyle blog devoted to ‘modern vintage’ style and beauty; celebrating the luxurious, the decadent and the downright fabulous; and supporting women to live a more creative, balanced and fulfilling life.

Gaynor Alder will liberate you to play by your own rules, inspire you to romance the everyday, give you the strength to triumph over adversity, remind you to treat yourself like royalty, and, oh, of course, encourage you to never underestimate the power of a good hair day, because after all, isn’t the quality of your life dictated by the quality of your hair?

Gaynor takes a nail file and tweezers to the real issues facing women today- from the serious to silly, she rediscovers lost wisdom and timeless poise (and a few rogue hairs in places that defy belief), as she handles everything life throws at her with grace and gumption whilst wearing shoes that challenge every engineering principle known to man.

For any woman who has stared down a bottle of sauvignon blanc in search of serenity and solace one too many times, felt as flat as a day old pancake and wondered where the feck the maple syrup is, struggled with diets that are as futile as an aging supermodel trying to say no to Botox, wasted one too many blowdries and false eyelash glue on an unworthy man, ridden the roller coaster of hormones holding them hostage, or struggled to balance security with doing what they love, The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide could just be the just be the holy grail to the greatest mystery man has pondered since the Garden of Eden – the female psyche.


Gaynor is a Melbourne based writer with a penchant for vintage glamour and all things Parisian. She also gallivants around the world as a travel writer testing the thread count of sheets and the fluffiness of hotel pillows, freelances as a blogger outreach and social media consultant, and co-presents NET:101 advanced social media courses. Her calling, her destiny, her whatever you want to call it, Gaynor writes because she can’t not write.