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Molly grew up in a small country town but is a city girl through and through. She could easily spend her days enjoying the simple pleasures of Melbourne, such as wandering the lane ways with a latte in hand, or indulging at a day spa. She is drawn to all things beautiful and as a result has an impressive magazine and makeup collection that takes up more room in her closet than clothes. Her belief that one’s beauty regime should be more of a ritual means that it takes her nearly as long to get ready for bed as it does for work. And when she is at work, she daydreams of luxurious lotions and pretty perfumes. As much as Molly enjoys spending the day in her pyjamas with the box set of Sex and the City, there is a burning desire to see the bright lights of Paris and New York, then dip her toes in the blue waters of Mauritius and explore. Visit her blog ‘Molly’s Maquillage’. Click here to follow Molly on Twitter, and here to see her Linkedin profile.





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Hopping from state to state in her adolescence, Aneeka and her unique personality refuse to be put in the corner. As if everyday is her wedding day, Aneeka vows to incorporate something old, something new, something borrowed and sometimes something blue into her daily fashion before she catches lunch with a girlfriend or trundles through city streets. Aneeka can often be found curled up in Starbucks with a tall caramel java chip frappuccino, messy hair and furiously typing fingers that barely keep with billowing ideas for her latest article or memoir. Currently studying journalism at Swinburne, Aneeka is interested in all things media and enjoy her role as a broadcast journalist at an inner city Melbourne radio station. You can follow her on Twitter or on her blog





Currently saving for her first house, Steph is an aspiring domestic goddess who worships at the altar of Martha Stewart. Her favourite things are freshly baked cupcakes, list-writing and hunting for beautiful homewares. When she is not baking, organizing or shopping on Etsy, Steph works in educational publishing. With a Creative Arts degree under her belt, Steph is now completing a Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing.You can find Steph on twitter here (@my_girlfriday) or on her current obsession, instagram (@my_girlfriday)






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Although Melissa may occasionally believe her life is a sitcom, a contemporary Lucille Ball without the Arnaz but certainly with the attitude, her feet are planted solidly on the ground. Perhaps her slight aversion for reality stems from her passion for the performing arts. A passion Melissa no longer fulfills by treading the boards, but rather as an audience member and Theatre Writer. These days her starring roles range from Arts student at the University of Melbourne, to aspiring journalist and, of course, intern at MWSG. Melissa has a fetish for fine stationery, road-side antique stores, reality television so bad it’s good, and ‘doing lunch’ as if it was a verb. You can follow her on Twitter @_Youve_Got_Mel



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Kylie is a Brisbane-based writer and journalist who could very possibly one day build a house out of the books she owns.  A lover of travel, while studying at university she dreamed of finding a career which would lead her around the world. In the years since then she has lived in Paris and let her curiosity lead her across most of Europe and into South-East Asia. But Kylie still hasn’t shaken the travel bug and regularly finds herself mentally re-editing her ‘must see’ travel list. Since re-settling back in beautiful Brisbane you will most likely see Kylie enjoying a cup of tea, nose deep in a good book after a long run, or else enjoying a hearty laugh with her friends, wine glass in hand. She loves to ramble too, and you can read more of these at




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Lauren is a Sydney-based aspiring writer who just graduated university with a Bachelor of Communication majoring in Journalism. She is passionate about the world of magazines and has completed a number of internships at various publications. Lauren loves all things pretty and tends to spend most of her pay check on beauty products, resulting in a very impressive collection of nail polish. She has big dreams of seeing the world and is about to head off on her first European adventure with her best friends. Follow her on twitter @_laurenwallace or instagram (@laurennwallace)






Born and raised in England, Abbie’s love of travel began at an early age with family holidays to Europe and America, followed by her first taste of semi-independent travel with various school trips abroad (somehow Disneyland Paris was incorporated into high school Geography studies!), and later ventures to further-flung places like China – all before immigrating to Australia in 2008, where she is now proud to call home. Moving to the other side of the world opened up a whole new array of countries to explore of which Fiji has been her main focus so far, with six charity trips spent volunteering in rural areas, and she can’t wait to cross off more on her endless list of must-visits.  As well as her passion for travel, Abbie loves writing and reading and would happily spend her days doing all three if she could!






Esther has a fetish for frangipanis, reading and all things artsy. Amidst the jaywalkers and bike-peddlers of Melbourne, Esther studies Professional Communication at RMIT. Esther’s other passions lie in the field of mental health and helping to extinguish the stigma associated with mental health conditions that features so predominantly in today’s world. Apart from smelling book pages and trawling over blogs, Esther also is pursuing her acting career as an extra on Neighbours. You can follow her on Twitter @estherlf or via her blog at








Nina is a Melbourne girl, born and bred, who suppressed her love for art, music and drama with the misguided idea that she needed to pursue a ‘sensible’ career. After years of neglecting her creative side, she has been itching to get out and has started freelance writing and blogging, and hopes to combine nutrition and writing to make a living out of doing something she loves. When she’s not working the nine to five, you can find her catching some live music, in the kitchen creating healthy dishes or trying to make a dent in her ever growing pile of books. She writes at What’s for eats? and tweets at @whatsforeats.







Jessica is a Melbourne-based writer studying a bachelor of Journalism at Monash University. Born and raised in Geelong, she moved to Melbourne to soak up all the arty culture, browse through quirky boutiques and dine in funky laneway cafes. She has a penchant for picnics, cupcakes, cardigans and rooftop bars and can usually be found procrastinating by shopping online for cute vintage dresses or looking up cat videos on YouTube. Jessica’s desire for travel was ignited when she visited 12 European countries and her next dream destination are the streets of New York. She spends way too much money on books and magazines and loves chatting to people and finding out their interesting stories.Start up a conversation with her on Twitter @JessicaDickers or check out her blog





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Terrified of having a boring life from a very young age, Lori likes to keep herself on the toes of her imaginary ballerina shoes. A thirty-ish widow and work-at-home mum, she is fascinated by life, love, sex and relationships and writes accordingly. She’s former social worker, fully qualified clown and reformed perfectionist; and avid urban explorer and suburban adventurer always looking for something new to do. Lori is also a bookworm, a tea drinker and an aspiring crazy cat lady.





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Michaela C is a professional workshop facilitator who trains superannuation industry professionals and is pretty pissed off about the state of women’s finances in Australia. When she’s not yelling at people to get their shit together, she’s writing a memoir of craptacular vignettes that will make you snort coffee out your nose and test your pelvic floor muscles. Yours too, ladies! You can follow her onTwitterFacebook and be sure to visit her blog.