The Best Beauty Products I’ve Ever Reviewed

The Best Beauty Products I’ve Ever Reviewed

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Over the past five years, I’ve reviewed more beauty products than you’ve had hot dinners. Whilst I wholeheartedly endorse you buying any of  the products I’ve given a favourable nod to, there are some that stand out as must-have-can’t-live-without-beauty-hall-of-fame prods. The products I buy again and again.  So, here’s my list of the best beauty products I’ve ever reviewed. Note, these products may not be suitable to your skin and hair type. I have combination skin which can get very dry or over hydrated with the wrong products; I have very dry hair after a misspent youth with one too many packets of supermarket hair dye; and fair skin with cool/pink undertones. [ Cleanser ] Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution is the only milky cleanser I have come across that leaves my skin feeling clean, yet hydrated. Many milky or cream cleansers don’t strip my skin, yet they don’t leave it

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Fab Resources for People Living with Coeliacs Disease & a Gluten Free Diet

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As someone who used to suffer with gluten intolerance, I know how hard it is to be living a gluten free diet- anyone for trying to find ways to make brown rice taste interesting for the gazillionth day in a row? But gluten free products have come a long way since I was sans gluten (think bread that bounced when you dropped it and tasted like saw dust). Here’s a round up of some of my favourite gluten free products and resources, that I believe are making life not only easier, but also fabulous for people with gluten intolerances. [ Thank Heavens, The Gluten Free Lifesaver Blog ] I have met Kristine, the beautiful woman behind the Thank Heavens blog, and I adore the passion and effervescent energy she has for creating fabulous gluten free recipes and supporting others. “Coeliacs disease should come with a user guide. The diagnosis came delivered

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Suzana Milan, Aging Gracefully beauty reviewer has recently tried a set of Tweezermans to see if they are worth the extra investment, and as a devotee to not only aging gracefully, but also as holistically as possible, she undertakes an Avenno products review- Jennifer Aniston thinks they’re the business, but does Suzana? [ Aveeno Active Naturals ] Oats, some of you love them for breakfast, me, not so much. When I have oats I like them smothered all over my body. That’s right, all over my body, daily, and I use a body wash and moisturiser containing the natural properties of colloidal oatmeal, Aveeno Active Naturals. This product piqued my interest from the moment I read the words colloidal oatmeal. Knowing a little about the historical use of oats in the treatment of skin ailments and finding out that to produce colloidal oatmeal, the entire oat kernel is ground to

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Not so affectionately referred to as “keyboard warriors”, I see on a daily basis what Charlotte experienced online. Hate inciting, ill-informed, cowardly provocateurs who make it their business to place offensive rubbish in a public arena, with the hope of getting a reaction. I have seen it all, and until you’ve played in the really rough parts of ‘town social’ it would be hard to reconcile the fact, that a few words could seriously have an impact on someone’s health.