From educating womankind on how to conduct casual sex without getting emotionally attached, why the quality of their life is dictated by the quality of their hair, liberating them from diets that are as futile as aging supermodels saying no to botox, help for the financially frivolous who’ll happily squander a week’s pay on a pair of shoes, surviving a break up without playing frisbee with his entire CD collection in front of oncoming traffic; to the ten commandments of shopping {including thou shall not shop with PMT}, navigating the rollercoaster of hormones holding them hostage and what to do when they’re as flat as a day old pancake and wondering where the feck the maple syrup is, The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide is essential reading for women everywhere.


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Gaynor Alder simply oozes style and sophistication from the tips of her perfectly coiffed hair down to the heels on her fabulous shoes. Her writing is witty, insightful, intelligent, bang up to date and she certainly isn’t afraid to tackle the, ahem, trickier and more sensitive subjects faced by women in the year 2012. Tell your friends, tell your hairstylist, tell your beautician because this brilliant, beautiful blog is going to be around for the long-haul. And pssst, the utterly fabulous book will soon follow. You heard it here first.” Hazel Gaynor, best selling author of ‘The Girl Who Came Home – A Titanic Novel’.

Not since Mae West have we had a heroine as sharp-witted, brilliant and downright fabulous as Gaynor Alder. Her Modern Woman’s Survival Guide tackles subjects from serious to silly with such insightful wit that your abs will ache, enabling you to guiltlessly—and with Alder’s enthusiastic permission—skip your next spinning class. Pour yourself a nice glass of bubbly, swaddle yourself in a faux-zebra throw and dig into this delicious read” – Jenna McCarthy, Acclaimed Author of four books and Freelance Writer appearing in over 50 magazines.

The MWSG is testament to Gaynor’s ability to write succinct, witty, informative articles that pull on your heart strings, something all writers should aspire to. I’ve often laughed out loud at her quick quips and candour, and have found myself drawing the parallels between what Gaynor’s writing about and my very own life. In short – she gets women and writes about them, from her own experiences, in a way in which everyone can relate.” – Tammi Ireland, Journalist and Editor of Coveted Canvas

Gaynor is a jewel in the crown of literary brilliance. She has style, panache and an ability to connect with her market – very rarely achieved by many editors and writers. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gaynor at The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide and am hoping to see this in print one day.” – Jessica Jane Sammut, Freelance Writer

As soon as I started reading extracts from The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide, I immediately fell in love with Gaynor’s open-hearted personal accounts on living, loving and dealing with the ‘everyday girl crisis’. Her humour is infectious, her stories relatable.” Kirsty Danby, Subscriber