By Bridget Thompson

Health doesn’t just happen. Yes, well this here is my second post on this lovely space and I will just say it was going to be about a completely different topic, but we will save that for next month! (To give you a heads up we will be tackling how to effortlessly make your menu gluten free. Yes an area that many these days struggle with!)

I will say though that this piece is a perfect pre-read to what will come next month, and in fact furthermore, a brilliant and necessary foundation.

You see, as brutal and unflattering as it may sound, health is not instant. It does not come from a packet, and will not be effortlessly achieved and maintained with a “few week’s” bootcamp, program, shake or pill….

As much as we might like to think that health will happen to us, it just won’t. I know better than anyone the life long journey and commitment creating and maintaining health involves (if you do not know my “overweight and bullied childhood story, then please go here) and I am also here to say that it can be fun and actually quite simple. I am living the example, and I have taught it to hundreds of clients.

Simple does not mean “requiring no effort”, in fact quite the contrary. It does require effort. Time. Investment. Choices. In fact health is a value we must put first if we are to forever after enjoy it’s associated benefits.

Yes, family are important, very much so.

Yes, money is important. Unfortunately the game that we call ‘reality’ insists that it is what makes the world go round.

Yet the reality remains that without your health, you are NO good to your family, in fact you may become a burden, and unfortunately health really can’t be bought (not sustainably anyway), so what good is having money when you do not have your health to enjoy it?

This might sound all idealistic but let me add that the very inspiration for this post has come from witnessing a dear and young friend (28 years of age) suffer the effects of not putting his health first.

Diagnosed over 2 years ago with Type 2 Diabetes- that is, lifestyle induced (poor diet, morbidly obese, sedentary, high alcohol intake, excessive work hours, etc) – this wonderful young man did little to really heed the relatively “kind” warning his body was sending him. Not to say that he did nothing, but in the grand scheme of things, he really didn’t shift health to Number One on the priority list.

Instead he did, as I see most people do, try to carry on as per usual- same crazy schedule, same “default” habits- yet attempting to squeeze in on top of it all, some health behaviours.

I say this with all the love in the world. And compassion. I truly do believe that in the eyes of these people, my friend included, that they are doing their best. They really are trying. Yet as one of my very best coaches once taught me, there is no trying. Exactly what is trying? Can you try to drop a pen? Try it now. Try to drop a pen. You cannot do it. It is a none existent situation. You either DO or DON’T. There is no trying.

For true and permanent health shifts to occur we must really wake up to this reality. As I quote on my business card, “Health is everything”. It is the foundation for life. Without it, all else falls apart.

We all have the opportunity to discover our true health potential. And let me say I have seen people of all backgrounds and ages recover a level of health they never thought possible. They had literally written themselves off as “too old”, “too sick”, “too beyond help”, and then together we showed them how they too could look and feel incredibly amazing, younger, fitter, more energetic, positive and passionate. It is honestly the pleasure of my life to share such a journey with a person.

What is takes though is for a true shift in priorities. In values. I dare say too a belief that you deserve to feel good. That you deserve health. That you deserve to put yourself first.

For some it is self worth issues, some a belief that career/money, family or something else is more important. At the end of the day though, as I mentioned above, what good are you without your health?

YOU are the most important person in your world. YOU are the centre. It’s about time we examined and shifted our priorities and values so that we can be all that we want and more to those and that which we love most.

What do you think?

If you have health related question that you would like Bridget to answer in her next monthly column, then please click here to send it to her.

Bridget Jane is a fully accredited and qualified Dietitian who undertook her 4 year Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics in Melbourne. Having once been overweight, bullied and incredibly uncomfortable in her own body, Bridget sought out at a young age to find a way to create the health and body she craved, yet in a way that was fun, easy and still allowed her to eat!

It has been almost a 19 year journey, and not a day has gone by in that time that Bridget has not studied some aspect of health, happiness and truly holistic wellbeing. Having evolved from purely a “physical/body” approach and focus, to intensely studying the mind and psychology of it all, to now a completely integrated holistic mind, body and soul approach, Bridget has truly left the title of “Dietitian” in the dust! Bridget does do it differently and to her clients that is an ever so welcome change!


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  1. Les Radnai

    4 years ago

    Wow, I thought you were one of the gifted ones – natural beauty, health and vitality. Now I understand your passion and how you can be so full of beans!

  2. Gaynor Alder

    4 years ago

    Bridget is such an inspiration isn’t she? I am thrilled to have her join our illustrious team as our resident Health Expert :)


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