Caring For Clean Garment After Cleaning

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We all spend a huge amount of time, effort and even money washing clothing, but all too often it ends up creased, dusty or forgotten about in the back of the wardrobe or at the bottom of a drawer.

There are a huge range of solutions available to help manage clothes storage, starting with the obvious like wardrobes and chests of drawers. The solutions inside the furniture are often as important as the furniture itself though, as an example you can use clever products to separate out your underwear drawer into sections, or more carefully hang garments in your wardrobe.

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How To Choose A Great Air Dryer

Clothes on laundry airerWe’ve talked before about why you would want to use an air dryer, but we didn’t go into how to choose one if you don’t already have one. The same applies if you’ve got one in the yard but it’s seen better days.

First and foremost, be aware that there are literally thousands of air dryers on the market, ranging from indoor airers to outdoor washing lines. Even those two types have a huge variety of designs available, and you can read more about them on specialist websites like and The internet is full of sites like those, addressing all sorts of clothes drying gadgets, devices and ideas, ranging from the good old washing like to more innovative devices like travel dryers. Just take advantage of Google to find reviews of what you like the look of.

Choosing the right product is about knowing what you want. If you’ve got a clear idea in your mind then that’s great, but all too often we know we’ve got a problem but how to solve it is a mystery. For example, if you live in a pokey little flat, the chances are a rotary washing line isn’t going to be the best solution, so an electric heated airer may be far more appropriate, especially if you’ve got no way to install a tumble dryer at home.

brittany vasseur laundry tips and hacks

Brittany Vasseur’s Laundry Hacks

brittany vasseur laundry tips and hacksIf you know laundry, you need to know Brittany!

Here’s the amazing YouTube star doing her thing to bring you a plethora of laundry hacks to make the chores that little bit easier.

While we’d love to hear from you to take advantage of our help here at Gaynor Alder Laundry Services, there’s times when you just need to get it done yourself.


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Advantages Of A Professional Laundry Service

Clothes hanging in the laundretteLaundry Service is an innovative full-service advertising agency providing content development, media buying, influencers, and full-service branding across all industries. Brands such as Amazon, Beats Electronics, BMW, LG Electronics, and Nike work with Laundry Service in order to realize their business objectives through unique, premium content, accurate distribution, and comprehensive social media promotion. The agencies manufacture and distribute customised T-shirts, towels, furniture covers, rugs, accessories, bags, wallets, watches, purses, scarves, and jewellery using cutting-edge technology, allowing the brand to offer a range of personalised merchandise that is instantly available for purchase or consumption. In short, Laundry Service allows the brand to create a one-of-a-kind merchandise to increase its market share.

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The Importance of Drying Laundry in an Air Dryer

Row of self-service clothes dryers in laundromatDrying laundry is ideal for the cold winter months, when your clothes can not be hung on the line. Line drying laundry is also great for those days where you are too busy to hang your clothes out to dry. Here are a few popular reasons to line dry your laundry. It saves you money. Here’s the most obvious one.

Air-dried clothing saves energy because it doesn’t need to be put in a dryer. This is probably the easiest reason to get into the habit of drying laundry the old fashioned way. Air-dryers use a great deal of energy, nearly as much as any other household appliance. Not only that, using air-dryers for your clothing only cuts down on your exposure to cancer-causing chemicals.