Row of self-service clothes dryers in laundromat

The Importance of Drying Laundry in an Air Dryer

Row of self-service clothes dryers in laundromatDrying laundry is ideal for the cold winter months, when your clothes can not be hung on the line. Line drying laundry is also great for those days where you are too busy to hang your clothes out to dry. Here are a few popular reasons to line dry your laundry. It saves you money. Here’s the most obvious one.

Air-dried clothing saves energy because it doesn’t need to be put in a dryer. This is probably the easiest reason to get into the habit of drying laundry the old fashioned way. Air-dryers use a great deal of energy, nearly as much as any other household appliance. Not only that, using air-dryers for your clothing only cuts down on your exposure to cancer-causing chemicals.

Line Drying To Rid Of Little Monsters

Another great reason to line dry your laundry is because it prevents the spread of bed bugs! Bed bugs can infest your bed sheets and clothes if they are not properly dried. If you have dirty sheets and dirty clothes, you will want to get into the habit of drying clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer, and you will want to keep them away from your bed and mattress for at least a week or two.

The average household uses two to three lines drying laundry machines. If your laundry room only gets used for a couple hours a week, you don’t need an air-dryer. Most line drying clothes machines just drip dry the wet clothes instead. They will get your clothes to a desirable temperature within a few seconds, and then they’ll be ready to hang out to dry in their own private space in your closet.

Humidity Affects Drying Time

The higher the humidity in your home, the longer your clothes will take to dry. You should be aware that laundry items will naturally tend to wrinkle as they dry. This means that if you have a higher humidity in your home, the clothes will dry out more quickly than if you were using lower humidity. You may even notice that certain brands take on an unpleasant musty smell as they dry. However, if you choose an air-dryer that has a shorter drying duration, you won’t have to deal with that smell.

There are many benefits to using an air-dryer to dry your laundry. However, it is important to consider the size of your laundry area when purchasing one. If you are using a line drying laundry detergent and line drying your clothes, you may only need a small electric unit. If you have a lot of fabric and line drying your garments, you may want to purchase an industrial dryer.